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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Caramelised Bananas with Chocolate

2 bananas (175g / 6oz)
Brown sugar (75g / 2.5oz)
Butter or olive spread (75g/ 2.5oz)
1 Tsp vanilla extract (5ml) 
1/4 cup of water (60ml)
Chocolate, broken into pieces - Preferably a mixture of dark and milk chocolate (25g /1oz)
1 Tbs soya cream or milk (15ml)

1. Cut bananas length wise and lay four pieces in baking dish.
2. Put the brown sugar, butter, vanilla extract and water into a saucepan and heat until the butter has melted.
3. Turn off the heat under the saucepan and then stir until well-combined.
4. Pour the butter mixture over the bananas.
5. Place the baking dish under a medium broiler/grill and heat for five minutes.
6. Wash the saucepan out and half fill with water and bring the water to a boil.
7. Place the chocolate and cream into a tall metal or strong glass dish and place the dish into the boiling water.
8. Stir the chocolate and cream together until the chocolate melts and becomes creamy.
9. Carefully spoon the bananas onto a plate to serve.
10. Spoon the caramelized syrup from the backing pan over the bananas.
11. Spoon the melted chocolate over the bananas.

Serve with ice cream or yogurt.

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