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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Our Walk to Ware, Friday 30th December 2011

Our Christmas was a wonderful time full of food, drink, presents and best of all each other's company.  However, all this good living was taking its toll on our weak bodies.  We needed some E stuff.  You know, exercise.  We had enjoyed our first vegetarian Christmas dinner and all the goodies I had baked, but our bodies were feeling sluggish.  Which is why we decided to to get out of the house and have a nice leisurely walk.  As we were dropping the car off for its annual MOT and service, we decided to have a walk along the River Lea to Ware.  

We've lived in Hertford over five years and this was the first time we had made the three mile walk along the tranquil river. Why it had taken so long neither one of us could explain.  But what we could confirm is that it wouldn't be the last time.  Admittedly it was a little fresh and a few days before New Year, so not many others were walking along the path.  But even had there been, it could not have detracted from our pleasure.

Walking along the path we came across many runners, walkers, cyclists and fishermen.  Even parents and grandparents walking their grandchildren in prams or carrying them on their shoulders.  However, best of all was seeing doggies racing along with their loved ones without a leash or chain to restrict their pleasure.  Even with the river just a feet away, they had full trust that man's best friend wouldn't run off or jump in the water.  That is with the exception of the dog in the photo above.  We thought that these two were together, but just past the building in the photo, the path split and they each went their own way.
We also saw some horses and some cattle.  The cows were roaming freely in one of the fields without a care in the world.  A path crossed through the middle of this field and you could get right up close to them.  They were like gentle giants with a cute patch of curls above their forehead.  As you could expect, both of us kept on asking each other how could anyone eat one of these.  They were so adorable.  We also saw a few horses and countless ducks. Many of the latter would follow us hoping that we had some food for them.

Another frequent site were barges moored along the waters edge.  Most were brightly painted and one was even decorated for Christmas with lights and tinsel.  And each of them had been named after a special person or place.  This one didn't leave much to the imagination either.

After a stop in Ware for a cup of latte, we returned to Hertford and grabbed some lunch in The Old Barge. The six mile round trip (including coffee break) didn't take more than about three hours, so it didn't take too long.  It also built up a little appetite, so we shared a vegetarian chili and some fries. Dawn washing hers down with a pint of Carlsberg, whilst I had half a Thatchers.

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